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I’m Rachel Carr. Yoga teacher, writer, digestive health crusader, wellness warrior, and new mom.  I offer specialized yoga services including private yoga, retreats, workshops, corporate wellness programs & office yoga and holistic lifestyle management to help you feel and be your very best. I am passionate about sharing my love of yoga, holistic wellness, and essential self-care.

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Corporate Wellness & Yoga

Offering a Corporate Wellness program in your office lets your employees know they are taken care of, which in return boosts morale and productivity. From seminars on basic stress management techniques to a day-long Health Fair, wellness programming gives employees the boost they need to take your business to the next level, out perform the competition—and have fun while doing it!

I offer comprehensive Corporate Wellness packages that include seminars, office yoga classes, health & wellness events, and much more. Give your business that personal touch and edge it needs to succeed. Contact me to organize your next Corporate Wellness event.

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 Holistic Lifestyle Management


Many of us deal with challenges managing our overall health and wellness. Whether you need a hand managing stress or are just looking for a way to improve your physical health—holistic lifestyle management provides the tools, insight and support you need to  bring more balance to your life.

Think of this session as a next level private yoga session. I’m taking the best of what I love and know (yoga, digestive health, Ayurveda, self-care) and putting it all in to one offering for you. Following our session, either in-person or remote, you will receive a unique and easy to follow plan that addresses your concerns and will help on your path towards better health and wellness.

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Check out my Yoga for Digestion Sampler Series on YouTube.

I’ve launched a new video series focused on Yoga for Digestion. My Yoga for Digestion Sampler Series on YouTube is a great way to practice right from home, with new videos each week. All of the practices are gentle and easy to follow. Subscribe to my channel or sign up for my newsletter for the most up to date videos.