Making Space…All Over Again

A few weeks ago I took my schedule and turned it upside down, flat on it’s face and all screwy. Okay, so I’m being a bit dramatic, but seriously, come January 2013, my routine will much less routine than it ever has been before. What’s going on? Where’s the shift coming from? Well, I’m Making Space (once again) for Great Gifts to Come
Yes, I have already covered this topic but a) some of you are new to my blog and haven’t read the above stated article and b) it’s always good to revisit lessons and ideas over and over again. That’s how you learn. 
My calendar this Fall and prior has been pretty full, however, some of my classes and other obligations have not been very fulfilling. In the past year, there has been discord between my heart and my business oriented mind with regards to where I’m teaching and what sort of work I’m perpetuating. When these things stop lining up, I know it’s time to go. However, the problem has been that I’m letting go of some pretty big constants, but I think that’s okay. It’s time to step out of my Comfort Zone a little bit. 
I did not come to these decisions easily. Nope, there’s been a lot of quiet introspection around these parts, but I know I am making the right decision. Remember that saying, “leap and the net will appear?” Well, I’m a true believe in that philosophy, so that is exactly what I’m going to do. I’m leaping….again.
It’s a little scary. Right now I have enough sustainable work, but I see myself moving in different directions and in order for me to be successful I figure that I will have to do the following things: 

  1. Stop making excuses for myself: I have the will, the power and the skill to do the work I want to do. 
  2. Listen to my intuition more: I have been smacked on my forehead so many times in the past few weeks by my intuition that if I don’t start listening I feel as if it will jump out and slap me, lovingly of course ;). Developing my intuition and learning to listen to it are key to finding my way. 
  3. Realize that I have great gifts to offer too: I have so many amazing friends that are doing amazing things and sometimes I think, I can never do that…but that’s self-defeating and down right silly. I may not do exactly what they are, but I can find something of the same equivalent that works for me. Even though my little self doesn’t want to admit, I know that I have a lot to share. 
  4. Try new things. I have a LOT of ideas: In fact, I have been accused of having lots of ideas and not enough follow through, so you know what? I’m going to follow through and whether they are good ideas or not, I’m going to do it. I’ve just made all this space on my calendar, so now I can stop making  excuses (see #1) and start getting things done! 
  5. Make the connection: Some people are really good at this. I’m really good at this when it comes to other people, but not myself. Following up on connections once they are made is not my forte. However, that way of thinking is not sustainable. I have to remind myself that even though it might not work the first time, that doesn’t mean defeat, it only means it’s not the right time or fit. Everything will work out as intended. 
I was feeling a bit anxious about the white space on my calendar and after sharing that with some of my students, I realized that they were going through the same thing too! I gather that my work right now is being okay with the space and instead of trying to change it and force it into a way of being, I need to accept it for what it is. A friend recently told me that instead of seeing the calendar as empty, see it completely full….because it is full….off white space. When I learn to see the space as full, I’m seeing it with abundance and we all know that abundance follows abundance….so that is what I’m doing. Hello, white space…it’s so nice to see you! 
I sort of feel like I’m setting a New Year’s intention right now. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Really, I know the practice will speak for itself and if I can follow my own advice, I may just see my schedule turn into the over flowing spectacle of time, teaching and appointments I envision it to be. Right now though, it’s all about making and resting in the space that is waiting for me. 
Have you had big changes recently? What has unfolded for you when you make space? Do you follow the “leap and the net will appear philosophy?” 


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    I just found your blog today and this entry is so appropriate for how I am feeling lately.

    I recently moved to follow my husband in taking his new fancy job. I left behind a job I liked, a place I loved, an community I was very active in and my yoga students who I miss and adore.

    I am working in my new town but that is about it. I have been overwhelmed by my newly found white space and at the same time affraid I will just fill it to fill it and end up burning myself out with heartless distractions.

    I really want to start teaching again but in a way that is inspired and inspiring. I too have lots of ideas and even have had a few connections here but I have zero follow through.

    I am also newly pregnant and anticipating all the changes a new life will bring to my own. I am afraid to over commit and I am afraid to try new things in my invaded body.

    I really needed to find your list. Those five things are things I could stand a little more of myself.

    Sorry for the long comment, thank you for the space!

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      Hello RoxyHeart! Apologies for the delay in response. I’ve been away on vacation both with family and my blog/technology. I’m glad this post resonated with you. It seems you are going through a lot of transitions right now as well (I’m right there with you!). Just keep at it and take it one day at a time. It’s all we can do, right? 🙂


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    I waited to respond til I knew what the heart to say! 🙂

    You will do wonders and all is well!

    Four weeks ago we welcomed our li’l girl after a very long (36 hour) labor and delivery. We had no idea it would go as planned, and concluded with a c-section. (Thanks to a wonderfully skilled and compassionate team!)

    Our little girl’s name is Susanna Hope. Susanna=Lily. Hope=Hope. Our last name=Ennis. So we have a Lilly of Hope on an Island.

    She is a constant reminder of all things possible. I am still without a full time job, hub is still in grad school, and who knows where we’ll be at the end of the year. We have our goals and hopes. We will make them a reality.

    I know we are okay due to faith. I am learning to cherish each moment. I know anything is possible. I laugh more. I appreciate naps a ton. I am digging into my true potential.

    Peace and Hope.

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      Wendy! So nice to hear from you and CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition!!!! Susanna sounds so precious. I am sure all will work out and come together for you too (with job and school) and love that you are finding time to laugh more and appreciating the little things more. It’s so important and a good reminder for myself! Take care of your precious little!
      Lots of love,

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