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Remember this post: Comparison is the Thief of Joy. It appeared on my blog in January and was rewritten for the Dharma Yoga Center in early March.

I began 2014 setting the intention to stop comparing myself to others. You may also recall from that post, that I also came to the conclusion that I should stop caring so much what other people think about me.

The funny thing about intentions and well, the Universe really, is that when you put something out there, you have to make sure you mean it. As I reflect on the past half year, I see a common thread among some of the more challenging situations I’ve had to face–from negative feedback, to a personal health crisis and a pregnancy that is not going the way I envisioned. What keeps coming up in these situations, and happens to keep me afloat, is my intention of not comparing myself to others. It is a constant practice and in a way you could say, my intentions set the stage for the year ahead.

This has not been an easy task by any means. Believe me. I’ve been pretty challenged lately.

It’s really easy to get sucked in to the comparison bubble. When something doesn’t go the way you expect, you may ask “why me?” This simple question is one of comparison. Let me ask you this. In that moment of “why me” aren’t we really asking ourselves “why not somebody else? why do I have to go through this and they don’t.”

First, don’t believe everything you read, see and hear. For example, I know plenty of people that selectively choose what appears on their Facebook and Instagram feed. Very often it’s only part of the truth, in order to support the version of themselves they want to present to the world. This is good marketing, but can lead to a distortion of reality,and mostly on the side of the reader. My advice, don’t let their insecurities pull you down. You don’t know the whole story, so don’t get sucked in to it.

Second, take a break. If you feel put out by what comes across your social media feed then stop browsing. If it’s a good friend that’s making you feel less than, step back for a bit. I took a nice long break from my Facebook feed while I was dealing with my health this spring and it was hands down one of the best things I’ve done for my spirit in a long time. Doing so gave me time to reflect and realign my priorities.

Finally, take the higher road. Instead of feeling put out by others successes, rejoice in them. It’s one of the four keys to happiness in the Yoga Sutras and it’s a great way to practice your yoga. Remember, I am you, you are me….

My teacher Dharma says (and I’m paraphrasing here) if you believe in the rules of karma then you’ll never have any worries because when you understand how karma works you are not bothered by “why me and not someone else?” Instead, you realize that the challenges you face are part of your karmic cycle. The only way to it is through it baby!

So say you realize this concept and fully believe it, does it make it any easier? Heck no! You’re still human and you’re probably going to fight against things that seem to happen to you. But remember, they aren’t happening to you, they are just happening. Let go.This is all part of the practice too.

Have you taken time to reflect on your intentions this year? What has come up for you? How have you moved through these situations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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    I set my 2014 intention as Growing Beauty, and my hub and I set two- Working Together and Positive Communication.

    Through all that the year has been, these three have been evident and present. It’s been a comfort and we’ve grown together incredibly well.

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