Soften Into Love & Compassion

1a26a3e94bb420fb1f97d1a26ab5063eI’ve been trying to think about what I might talk about today in class on this Christmas Eve. This time of year hold so many beautiful insights. The one that keeps coming up for me is LOVE. The act of love and the practice of compassion are truly life changing. We are so used to toughening up, sucking it in, brushing things aside. Instead of hardening ourselves in this process, what if we stopped, softened a little, slowed down, stopped judging, hoarding, and consuming and instead shared love and kindness to those that need it most, including ourselves.

Take a look at the state of the world and what do you see? Now, take a moment and look through the lens of love and compassion and how have things shifted? Don’t you recognize that the other person is you? Stop the separation. It only leads you to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and fear. And those feelings are the doorways to many dark places. Softening into love and compassion will help you see that your struggles are no different than anyone else and will lessen the pull from those dark places. It’s the lens through which we discern our struggles that can change the world. You have the power to change your experiences in this life based on your perception of reality.  Choose wisely.

I don’t mean to sound overly lofty and idealistic here.  It is so easy to get caught up the complexities of our lives. Let’s be honest though, we only make life as complex as we want it to be. And, that’s okay too. It is very human to make mistakes and move through all of these things, but hopefully we do so with grace.

Sri Dharma says “when we are quiet, we see everything with love.” So, today what if instead of making things more complicated, we chose simplicity instead? What if instead of anger, we chose love? What if instead of lack, we chose abundance?  What if, instead of judgement, we chose compassion? Imagine what could happen if we all chose love.

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