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Moving beyond the private yoga session to create a holistic lifestyle plan specially designed for you!

What is Holistic Lifestyle Management?

Many of us deal with challenges managing our overall health and wellness. Whether you need a hand managing stress or are just looking for a way to improve your physical health—holistic lifestyle management provides the tools, insight and support you need to  bring more balance to your life.

Holistic Lifestyle Management is a next level private yoga session. We will meetteaching for one-on-one consultation in a private or virtual setting to discuss your areas of concern. In return, you will receive a unique and easy to follow plan that addresses your concerns and will help on your path towards better health and wellness.

Drawing on my knowledge of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, digestive health, wellness and self-care, these sessions help to:

  • Create tangible action items that you can take home and implement right away
  • Works with your practice and interests
  • Give you tools to improve your practice and establish a daily routine
  • Support you as you implement your plan
How does it work?

We’ll meet for an initial one-hour consultation which may include yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and mediation depending on your needs. Following our meeting I will develop a plan for you to begin implementing right away. This plan may include a yoga and meditation practice (handouts, videos, and/or audio recordings supplied) or lifestyle recommendations (i.e. digestive health support). Follow ups will be in a monthly format. Email and phone support for questions and check-ins available during the course of our sessions at no additional charge.

Why is Holistic Lifestyle Management important?

Holistic Lifestyle Management allows us to take a “big picture” approach to your health and wellness. We’ll examine different areas to create achievable goals aimed at bringing you to better balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Whether you want to learn how to de-stress or how to improve your digestive health, this program will give you the tools and support to achieve overall balanced health and wellness.

Contact me for details and pricing here or email me at rachel@capriciousyogi.com. Single sessions or packages are available.