I offer private yoga, office/corporate and group yoga classes in the VA, DC and MD area.


Group classes

You can catch me at these local DC Metro area yoga studios on a weekly basis.

Private and Corporate/Office Yoga

I’m available to teach yoga in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland for private sessions with you or in a group setting. Private sessions are a great way to get one-on-one attention so you can ask questions while at the same time get a practice designed specifically for you and your needs. Single sessions are available or I can create a custom package for you.

Why Corporate/Office Yoga?

Stress is the #1 leading cause of health issues today. From depression to anxiety, hypertension to obesity, our list of ailments keep growing longer and longer. Incorporating relaxing practices into your daily routine can help alleviate many of these conditions.

Stress Relief
Anxiety & Depression
Digestive Issues & Other Chronic Conditions
Pregnancy & Delivery
Strengthening & Flexibility
Weight Loss
Improved Posture
Concentration & Focus
Overall Well-Being
…and much more!

More and more, companies are looking for ways to motivate and support their employees towards better health. If you’re interested in bringing yoga to your office, contact me. I can put together a custom package that meets your company’s, and your employee’s needs.

Events and Special Occasions

I like to think outside of the box and am also available for hotel or convention groups and special events like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Workshops I Offer

Workshops and Extended Practice Sessions provide the opportunity to take a deep dive into your practice and learn something new. I’m always working on new themes and new subjects. Contact me to discuss more about current workshops and availability.